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Born and raised in Munich, I lived for several years in the USA, Canada, South Africa and England. During this time I not only completed my training as a photographer and photo and media designer, but also completed my cynology studies (3.5 years) at “dogument” and now belong to the top ranks of around 450 certified dog trainers Germany.

Since I was a child, dogs have always played an important role in my life, whether it’s Doberman – Rhodesian Ridgeback or other hunting dogs as well as herd guard dog breeds. Dogs have always been important companions in my life.

My husband Barton was born in Cape Town / South Africa and grew up on a farm in Namibia, very close to nature with all kinds of living beings.

OutdoorDOGS Team Barton OutdoorDOGS Team Barton mit Hunden

During his childhood and adolescence, his family had quite a few four-legged companions.
Terriers to keep your farm free from snakes and other pests, Staffordshire Terriers as guard dogs for your family, as well as herd guard dogs for your cattle – the herds of cattle, sheep and goats.
For him it is quite normal that dogs were a loved part of the family and yet took on a very important place and work.
This was part of their daily work and of your life.

Barton and I share this attitude to this day. We value dogs for who they are, very social animals with many talents and a great desire for personal freedom.

OutdoorDOGS Tina Profitt OutdoorDogs Tina Profitt OutdoorDogs Tina Profitt mit Hunden

The center of our life is now in beautiful Lower Bavaria, not far from Passau. Here we live with our 7 Louisana Catahoula Leopard Dogs Lennox, Hancock, Spitfire & Bootz on a 35,000 square meter farm.

Cathaoula Leopard Dogs have been with us for several years, they support me in my daily work as a dog trainer and owner of a dog day care center with an attached dog boarding house.
The girls and boys are valuable members of our family and a large part of my professional success.

Every day they have to get along and interact with all kinds of personalities and subjects – and strange dogs of all kinds and varieties.
They’re doing a great job and I’m grateful for your presence.

For this reason we decided some time ago to breed with our dogs and to help maintain this very special dog breed and to preserve the unique nature of the versatile character of the Catahoula Leopard Dog.



We try to unite old working bloodlines in our breeding.

Wager`s, Sandhill`s, Koon`s, Lees, Aden`s – to name just a few.

In our breed all dogs have a strong work and hunting instinct, are equipped with a good nose and want to do a job for their humans. Nevertheless, we attach great importance to the fact that all our dogs learn one thing in the first two years of life – “absolute boredom”. We want dogs that are “right on the job” with a hint of the finger, but can also lie quietly next to us again just as quickly. Working dogs that are permanently “switched on” are inherently undesirable – and make everyday life for their people extremely complicated. Not to mention the health consequences for the dog itself.


We like our dogs strong built with a stable foundation and beautiful strong heads. A well-designed muscle structure and a balanced character is the goal of our breed.

Catahoulas are definitely not the easiest dog breed that a person can get, living with them in our society means constantly mastering challenges. These dogs are definitely not for everyone! But if you are looking for a challenge – a dog that can think and decide for itself, and still have many of the original dog characteristics that have made life easier for us humans for hundreds of years, then a Catahoula might be the right one Dog for you.


Some of our dogs have already won the “Best of Breed” and other championship titles several times. But that’s not what makes them so valuable to us. Your real achievement is the support in our daily work as dog trainer & operator of a small but nice dog boarding house.

What would a working dog be worth if it turned the lives of its humans into a single nightmare? In our everyday life we need well-balanced dogs who do not have a big discussion when there is a job to be done – but can also shut themselves down immediately if necessary.


Our offspring should become a valid part of society, find their way around it and enrich the lives of their new owners.
Our puppies grow up according to the motto “in the middle of it instead of just there”, from the beginning they and their mother are a focus of our life – and if they are old enough, they also get to know the other dogs in our social group and learn through them and their mother dog valuable lessons for the rest of their lives. You will not find one of our dogs in a kennel because they are part of our family and our everyday life.

NALC & EALC registered breeder



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