Cardis Bootie Bootz

Our haven of peace

Bootz, a work machine with a heart of gold.

Meanwhile more than 1.5 years old, Bootz is still a very friendly and open young female.
She basically has a lot of energy, but is also very calm quickly when there is nothing that requires her “attention”. Switching off is no problem for Bootzie.

Bootz is the calmest of our dogs, she rarely “speaks”. It might sound strange that she’s a really good watchdog, because like Spitfire, she immediately recognizes strange or strange noises and lets us know.

Bootz has a really great character. Your basic calm is in no way inferior to your assertiveness. Her character is rounded off by a healthy dose of stubbornness.
Bootz is a great hunter, you can already say that she does not give up easily and is extremely persistent in doing the tasks that are assigned to her.

Still, she is a great clown and always in the mood for a joke.
As young as Bootz is, her really strong and stable nerves are present.

It is not a problem for Bootz to impress other dogs directly with a single glance. (Actually, she is very similar to Lennox in terms of behavior)


Bootz “Framework Data”

Import Canada

Born 07/07/2015

31 kg

60 cm (shoulder)

HD A-1

ED A-1

M (a) / m (Atypical Merle / Solid Genetical Test)

Clear Vision & Hearing

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