Cats Cradle Hancock

The clown in the club

Hancock, with a body the size of his heart.

Hancock is our clown.
A huge baby, to be precise.
Even though he’s 4 years old and should act like a whole guy, he often behaves like a silly youngster.

He is now totally open to everyone, but as a youngster he was relatively suspicious of strangers.

Hancock is our personal alarm system.
He’s the first to smell something, see something or generally notice that something is different than usual. Hancock is generally always alert and on air . He sees it as his personal responsibility to guard the court and all of us.

Even when he was a puppy, it was clear that he would never particularly appreciate other intact males.
So silly and patient he gets around people, bitches, neutered males and puppies (we affectionately call him the great uncle – puppies can even show him in his Private parts bite without getting angry) he can get so serious when someone else has him more fully Male questions.

Because of his size and strength he should never be underestimated.
That is also the reason why we have not yet used him for breeding. Despite the fact that he is a physical representation of the breed standard.

We believe that he should only be bred to a really balanced bitch in order to pass on his temperament to his offspring in a moderate form. Not every potential puppy owner or catahoula owner is ready or able to deal with this intensity, level, and energy.

Hancock has great instincts, a great nose and an immense hunting instinct. All of this and his big will to please make him an excellent working dog and partner.


Hancock`s “Framework Data”

Import Canada

Born September 6th, 2011

40 kg

68cm (shoulder)

HD A-1 (tested at age 4)

ED A-1 (tested at age 4)

m / Ma + / M (single merle – genetic test)

S / si (Piebaldträger – genetic test)

Clear Vision & Hearing

DM Clear