Our 7 cocktails – born on December 5th, 2016. Our 7 little “oooopsies”.

The parents of these seven are Lennox and Bootz. The birth went smoothly and quickly. It took Bootz a good 4.5 hours to give birth to all seven healthy.
Bootz is definitely a helicopter mom – and our whole social association helped raise the pups. We are very happy that they have all found such good homes all over the world.


  • Buckshot – now called Lennox, lives with Sara and Maik in beautiful Rhineland-Palatinate. He is supposed to work as a person search dog for the police and has many other animal buddies in his “private life”.


  • Gekko – now called Touchdown, lives with Sabine, Mark, their children and a Magyar Vizla bitch on the outskirts of Munich. He is supposed to support Mark as a bloodhound in the hunt in the area and is allowed to join the Munich police on horseback every now and then.


  • Sunset – now called Fala, lives in Canada with Shannon and Kato. She will be another loyal companion for this professional athlete and spend a lot of time with her and Kato on the Trans Canada Trail.


  • Hellfire – now called Mara, lives with Wolfgang and his family in beautiful Vorarlberg / Austria. She will be a loyal companion for Wolfgang and experience extensive hikes and walks around Lake Constance.


  • Dark n`Stormy – now called Stormy, lives with Thierry in Luxembourg. She is trained as a hunting dog, has 3 other hunting and service dogs that she can keep busy and with Ilona, Thierry`s partner, some female support in an otherwise pure “male household”.


  • Chocnut – still called Chocnut, lives with Silke, Olli and an older “dog owner” near the Dutch border in Central Germany. Chocnut will lead a life as a trainer dog and experience many adventures with other four-legged friends.


  • Golden Dawn – now called Quarenta “Quarry”, lives with Inge, Xander and their Ridgeback bitch in the Netherlands in the countryside near Utrecht. She is allowed to accompany Inge in her work in a veterinary clinic, to pull mantrails and as a riding companion dog through the forests of Holland.


  • We are very happy that all of our 7 cocktails got such beautiful and loving home. We look forward to seeing your further development & are grateful for the good relationship with all owners.