Crafty beers

Our 9 Crafty Beers – born on February 21st, 2018. “9 spherical beer souls”.

The parents of these nine are Bootz and Hancock. The birth was absolutely uncomplicated. A total of 6.5 hours passed until all 9 were awake in the world.

Bootz takes her maternal duty of care extremely seriously and looks after the dwarfs like a mother hen – she even tolerated our whole social association helping to raise the puppies.

We are very happy that they have all found such good homes all over Europe.

  • Rogue – still called Rouge, lives with her new people in beautiful Lower Bavaria. Rogue is trained in mantrailing and may be allowed to hunt when she is a little older.


  • Moon – still called Moon, lives with his new family in Poland. Moon will be able to experience all kinds of activities, including coursing & strongdog. If all goes well, Moon will also be used in breeding as an adult male and contribute to the preservation of the old Catahoula bloodlines.


  • Rolling Rock – now called Rocky, lives with Annie, her family and Catahoula the dog Ruby in the capital Berlin. Among other things, he will be on the road as a riding companion dog and will take care of his family together with Ruby.


  • Fat Lizard – now called Tyson, lives with Torsten and his family together with Deutsch Kurzhaar in Gütersloh. Tyson is trained to hunt and is allowed to hunt wild boar with his master.


  • Shiner Bock – now called Ruben, lives with his new family in Potsdam. Ruben is out and about in nature around Potsdam pretty much around the clock. He accompanies his person, a passionate angler, on every occasion.


  • Chimay – now called Miss Jinx, lives with Bernhard, Barbara and Sesto in beautiful Regensburg. Miss Jinx will find her field of activity in the field of odor differentiation and in her free time she will certainly keep the service dog Sesto on her toes.


  • Harp – now called Bonny, lives with her new family in beautiful Thuringia. She accompanies her people to work on a large farm every day and takes care of her two-legged friends in her free time.


  • Guiness – now called Duke, lives together with Arne and another Catahoula male in the far north near Hamburg. Duke is trained in mantrailing and in his free time he makes the dikes in the area around Hamburg Hansa unsafe.


  • Brewdog – still called Brewski, lives his family with two small children and Catahoula the dog Kracken in the beautiful south of England, near Southhmapton. In addition to mantrailing and hunting training, Brewski will also be used as a stud dog in the future and contribute to the preservation of the old Catahoula bloodlines.


We are very happy that all of our 9 Crafty Beers received such beautiful and loving homes. We look forward to seeing your further development & are grateful for the good relationship with all owners.