New Forests Silver Fox

A real character

Silver, the perfect overall package.

Silver was born in England and still combines the four bloodlines of our breed.
Her parents are descended from Lennox, Hancock, Spitfire & Bootz and we are very happy that Silver will help maintain our lines in the future.

Silver is a tall girl and a real muscle pack. Hunting is her real passion, but mantrailing or scent discrimination are also no problem for her, as long as the motivation is right.

Silver is an integral part of our dog group and together with our youngest Piper, she keeps the others on their toes. As loving as she treats us and our visitors, she can get serious when it comes to defending the animals on the farm or their territory.

Silver is still in the midst of its development and a real late bloomer when it comes to growing up.
We look forward to accompanying you on this path. If everything goes well, she will have her first litter at the end of 2022/2023.


Silver’s “Framework Data”

Import UK

Born on March 23rd, 2019

33 kg

63cm (shoulder)


ED A-1

Ma / Ma (atypical merle – genetic test)

S / S (Piebald – genetic test / negative)

D / D (Dillute – genetic test / negative)

Clear Vision & Hearing

DM free