Fantastic beasts

Our 9 Fantastic Beasts – born on August 23rd, 2021. “9 proppere, bright adventurers, right from the start”.

The parents of these nine are Bootz and Flash. Unfortunately, this time the birth was not completely uncomplicated.

After a night of labor, we had to take Bootz to the veterinary clinic for an emergency caesarean section with an acute placenta rupture. All in all, only 45 minutes passed until all 9 were awake in the world.

Despite the difficult operation, Bootz takes her maternal duty of care extremely seriously and looks after her dwarfs like a mother hen – after the little ones were a little over seven weeks old, our helicopter mother tolerated that our entire social association helped raise the puppies .
We are very happy that they have all found such good homes all over Europe.


  • Chenoo – still called Chenoo, lives the life of a real city brat with her people Anna, Christian and their big Catahoula sister Sky in our capital Berlin. She is being trained as a mantrailer in a large rescue dog squadron and will soon be following in Sky’s footsteps as a professional person search dog.


  • Banshee – now called Riley, lives with her owner Veronika, a budding dog trainer & studied dancer, in the middle of a vibrant flat share in beautiful Vienna. In the future, she will not only be allowed to accompany you in dog training, but will also experience a lot of adventures all over Austria.


  • Asrai – still called Asrai, lives with her people Silke, Oliver and her big half-brother Chocnut in beautiful North Rhine-Westphalia. Here she not only accompanies Silke in her everyday life as a trainer, but will soon be able to spend her free time with Chocnut with mantrailing and obedience.


  • Rougarou – still called Rougarou, also lives with his new people in beautiful North Rhine-Westphalia. Here, together with his owner Sven, he will join the rescue dog squadron of the professional fire brigade in his hometown and will soon go into action as a certified area search dog.


  • Nucklavee – now called Jaxon, lives with his big Catahoula friend Bonny and his new family on the southern outskirts of Dortmund. Soon he will support the hunters in the neighboring hunting grounds together with Bonny as a trained sweat track team or accompany his owner on extravagant forays through his hunting grounds.


  • Bogeyman – now called Ilex, lives with his new owners not far from us near Munich. Here he is trained as a mantrailer by a long-established rescue dog squadron and will soon be following in the footsteps of his great Swiss mountain dog friend in order to actively support his owner during operations.


  • Sasquatch – still called Sasquatsch, lives in Aachen on the Dutch border. With the three children of the family and their parents, he has a lot on his mind and accompanies the sporty family on long tours of discovery into nature. Soon he’ll be able to mantrail the rest of his free time.


  • Jackalope – now called Dygo, lives with his new people, a young, very sporty couple in Zeeland in the Netherlands. Not only will he have lots of dog buddies around him, but he will also explore the whole of Europe on extended trips with his two-legged friends.


  • Snallygaster / Kingsman – still called Kingsman, currently lives with us and our other 6 Catahoulas on our large farm. Until he has found his perfect home, he will already be trained in mantrailing and scent discrimination.


We are very happy that all of our 9 Fantastic Beasts have had such beautiful and loving homes. We look forward to seeing your further development & are grateful for the good relationship with all owners.