Phoenix Risings Minox

As fast as lightning

Minox, an image of her parents & a dream of a hunting dog.

Minox is a daughter of Spitfire & Lennox.
Like her parents, the work instincts of a Catahoula run deep in her blood. Hunting is her greatest passion.

Minox has a lot of energy and cannot be “exhausted in any way”. Right from the start we made sure that Minox learns to calm down & understands that your willingness to work is not needed around the clock.

She is an integral part of our dog group and grew up with both of her parents, her aunts and uncles.

Even though Minox is the smallest of our girls, she has as strong a personality as either of her parents. She has no problem finding her way around in strange dog groups and is a real philanthropist.

However, she has a strong instinct to watch and likes to patrol with the others on our property borders. Minox inherited the will-to-please from her mother Spitfire.

Her training has always been easy and everything can be accessed easily at any time. Even when hunting.
Whenever she has the opportunity, she enjoys our company and mutates into a real cuddle cat. If everything goes as planned, she will have her first litter in 2022.

Minox has a great personality and an uncanny standing towards other dogs that ise knows how to use in her daily work at OutdoorDOGS Munich .


Minox “Framework Data”

Born on February 9th, 2018

28.5 kg

58.5 cm (shoulder)


ED A-1

M / Ma (atypical merle – genetic test)

S / S (Piebald – genetic test / negative)

D / D (Dillute – genetic test / negative)

Clear Vision & Hearing