Phoenix Risings Ruger

A real guy

A real guy & hunting dog through and through.

Ruger is a son of Spitifre & Lennox. Even as a puppy, Ruger was very relaxed and gifted with really stable nerves. He lives with his new owners in Thuringia and sells his everyday life as a full-time hunting dog for wild boar.

Ruger already brought a litter of puppies with Bootz in 2020. Of which the first show themselves to be excellent and persistent hunters. There is a high probability that there will be a repeat litter in 2022.


Ruger’s “Framework Data”

Born on February 9th, 2018

38 kg

68cm (shoulder)

HD A-1

ED A-1

m / Ma + / M (Wildallel / Atypical Merle / Merle) – genetic test)

S / S (genetic test)

Clear Vision & Hearing