Secret 7

Our Secret 7 – born on March 28, 2016. Our little Easter surprise; o)

The parents of these seven are Lennox and Spitfire. The birth was really quick and easy. It only took about 2.5 hours for Spitfire to give birth to all seven healthy.
Spitfire has been an amazingly good and caring mother – and all of our social services helped raise the puppies. We are very happy that they have all found such good homes all over the world.



  • Mr White – now called Kato, lives with Shannon in Canada. He will be a loyal companion for this professional athlete and will spend a lot of time with her on the Trans Canada Trail.


  • Dr. No – now called Walnut, lives with Rob and his family in Lone Star State Texas. He will get a lot to do on the farm and experience a lot of new and exciting things with his people.


  • Mr Big – now called Sestus, lives with Bernhard in Franconia. He is supposed to become a SAR specialist for the Bavarian police, has already flown helicopters at a young age and has already been on the road a lot. Sestus lives with 3 other dogs.


  • Jinx – still Jinx, lives with Melanie, Markus and their two boys in the middle of Germany. She will be a loyal companion for the two children and are very lucky to be able to go hunting with Markus from time to time.


  • Honey Rider – now called Halona, lives with Victoria in Salzburger Land / Austria. She will be trained as a hunting and SAR dog, has a whole family to keep her happy, like a cat, a rabbit and “Wurschti” a mix of hunting dogs.


  • Ms Moneypenny – now called Lucy, lives with Melanie, Thomas and their little daughter on a pretty horse farm in Franconia. She has a lot of space and a wide variety of animals to discover and also to protect in the future. She will be a lively companion for your new family and will certainly enjoy life as a riding companion dog.


  • Lupe Lamora – now called Pixels, lives with Ulf and his sons in the north of Germany. Ulf works a lot with SAR teams and Pixels should also work in this area. She is part of a group of 3 dogs – who are sure to be pretty busy with pixels.


  • We are very happy that all of our Secret 7 got such beautiful and loving homes. We look forward to seeing your further development & are grateful for the good relationship with all owners.