Sumici Kridlas Lennox

The boss in the ring

Lennox is the “pack leader” in our house.

He leads his social group extremely intelligently and with a lot of charm.
Lennox is a lead dog who only reacts when it really has to be.
He never acts inappropriately or is “unjust” in dealing with his group members.

He leads his “pack” with his own very balanced temperament and a really balanced energy.

Nonetheless, Lennox is a powerful and, above all, assertive muscle pack.
He has a really good nose and a very strong hunting instinct.

Lennox has always been, and still is, extremely open and friendly to people and dogs, and can be a really lovable clown to anyone and anything.
His humor is almost limitless.

As silly as he can be, his mere presence is enough to impress other dogs so much with just one look that they give way and behave humbly and conformistly towards him.

As a result, Lennox hardly ever has aggressive arguments with conspecifics and if he does, he always decides in his favor.
As befits a confident group leader.

Lennox has a great personality and an uncanny standing towards other dogs that he knows how to use in his daily work at OutdoorDOGS Munich .

He loves his family unconditionally and one of his other tasks is to guard the farm and everything that goes with it.


Lennox “Framework Data”

Import CZ

10.02.2010 – 11.11.2020

36 kg

61.5cm (shoulder)

HD-A-1 (re-test at the age of 5)

ED A-1

Ma / Ma (atypical merle – genetic test)

S / S (Piebald – genetic test / negative)

D / D (Dillute – genetic test / negative)

Clear Vision & Hearing

DM free