Surfer stars

Our 11 Surfer Stars – born on May 6th, 2019. “11 spherical new inhabitants of the earth, as beautiful as the black sea”.

The parents of this elf are Spitfire and Lennox. The birth was absolutely uncomplicated. A total of 4.5 hours passed until all 11 were awake in the world.

As always, Spitfire takes her maternal duty of care extremely seriously and takes care of her dwarfs like a mother hen – after the little ones were four weeks old, our helicopter mother tolerated that our entire social association helped raise the puppies.

We are very happy that they have all found such good homes worldwide.


  • Peak – still called Peak, lives with her mistress near Lake Zurich in Switzerland and accompanies her owner to the practice every day. In addition, Peak is regularly out and about in the Swiss mountains and explores her new home.


  • Switch – still called Switch, lives with its new owners in beautiful Austria. There she is trained to be a truffle search dog in order to give her owner a helping hand in his truffle farming.


  • Surfbunny – now called Bonny, lives with her people on the outskirts of Dortmund and actively supports their new owners as an “arrow search dog”. Soon she will also be active in hunting.


  • Aloha – now called Nero, lives with his new people in Ingolstadt. He accompanies his mistress every now and then to work or explores his new territory with his master.


  • Riptide – still called Riptide. Lives with his new family in beautiful Baden-Württemberg. Here he supports his mistress in her daily work and is, as you can hear, the nerd in the dog school.


  • Cutback – now called Buck, still lives in Bavaria. He is allowed to lead a life as a hunting dog and accompanies his people into the hunting ground every day. When he’s free, he can go on long rides with his mistress.


  • Banzai – now called Clyde, lives in beautiful Thuringia. In addition to his Catahoula mate Bonny, he has a lot of variety in his family and is out and about for hours every day in the wide fields around his home.


  • Batch – still called Batch, lives with its new owners in the beautiful canton of Graubünden in Switzerland. Batch is not only active as a hunting dog, but is also trained as a search dog for the Swiss Alpine Rescue Service.


  • Dude – still called Dude, lives with his new owners in Bavaria and is trained as a mantrailer with a rescue dog squadron.


  • Thruster – now called Dembe, lives in beautiful Switzerland, near Lausanne. He is now part of a family of six and accompanies his new mistress every day to work as a horse physiotherapist. He also enjoys the long rides she takes with him.


  • Pintail – still called Pintail, lives with his new family in Houston, Texas. He is part of a family of five and also looks after the farm animals in the family ranch.


We are very happy that all of our 11 surfer stars have had such beautiful and loving homes. We look forward to seeing your further development & are grateful for the good relationship with all owners.