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The personality of a Catahoula
Much has been written about it, so I’ll be adding a little more to it now.

If you want to describe a Catahoula, you also have to address his hunting instinct and the urge to work. You can’t separate these two things from the rest of the dog’s personality .. because only together it creates a whole “picture”.

In my opinion, a good Catahoula is a dog that has both a hunting instinct and a willingness to work. These are traits that are innate. They cannot be learned or educated. They have acquired these instincts over many years through the environment in which they lived. But the best instinct is of no use unless it is also combined with the will to work. A Catahoula should always work WITH its owner and not for himself.

A good Catahoula Leopard Dog is a dog with a strong will to work, a good hunting instinct, a good nose – not a dog that is prone to excessive behavior. In other words, these dogs love to hunt, follow tracks, work … but not to the extend. Always being “on the edge” and in working mode would only be harmful in the long run. Even a dog has to be able to switch off from time to time. As the owner of a Catahoula, one should keep reminding oneself that “mental” health is usually synonymous with “physical” health, that applies to humans as well as dogs! “

Catahoula Leopard Dogs usually have a very fast reaction time, their innate instincts control this automatically. You need that too, especially when hunting, when the other person is so much bigger and stronger than you. Get used to it – your Catahoula can and will react in a flash – in any situation, good or bad. So you have to be at least as “alert and attentive” as your own dog.

If you don’t, this very quirk can often get the Catahoula into trouble. Be it that you run past a bunch of screaming and playing children, other dogs that are playing and suddenly lose their mood, or a cat that comes in front of your dog’s nose. The reaction of your leopard to such situations can come “out of the blue”. It is therefore imperative that the owner is able to perceive even the smallest changes in his dog and to react before the dog. You have to be faster than your Catahoula!

Catahoulas don’t always get along well with other dogs, especially if they are of the same sex. One should be prepared for that. They don’t like to give in or give in easily and being second isn’t really their thing. When you are around other dogs, you should always keep an eye on what signals your dog is “sending” and what signals it is receiving from other dogs.

You have to be aware that a Catahoula has a particularly strong protective instinct when it comes to their own “pack”, their family. If a Catahoula thinks there is danger, he will make himself noticeable. As an owner, you should be able to assess and control such situations based on your dog’s movements.

Catahoulas don’t have a “everything is great – I don’t care” mentality, like a Labrador or a Golden Retriever. They can be very cautious about strangers, but all the more loving and enthusiastic with “their” people.

Even if a Catahoula appears reserved and reserved, it should never be fearful, intimidated or shy. These traits are undesirable and would continue to affect future generations.

Living with a Catahoula is not always easy, they are certainly not dogs for everyone! But if you like a dog that is a task, a dog that can “think” for itself, still retains the original breed characteristics that have made it a good working dog, a dog that is your home and protect your family and a dog that will make you laugh … a Catahoula is sure to be the right choice.

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