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Melanie, Markus & Jinx | Borgholzhausen, Germany

We were really lucky with this dog, and we owe that to our breeder Tina. She lovingly looked after all the puppies, and also observed the little ones intensively during their first few weeks of life and studied their behavior in order to choose the perfect puppy for us. Long before Spitfire was in heat and pregnant, we had been in close contact with Tina so that she could get an idea of us and our way of life. She told us that all of this is very important in order to be able to choose the right puppy. When Spitfire was finally pregnant, we were always informed directly about all the news, so that you never had the feeling of missing anything, even if you lived about 650 km away. Even now that Jinx lives with us, Tina doesn’t care about her. The size, weight and well-being of the dog are regularly asked, and we are always busy sending photos to Tina so that she can be sure that little Jinx has come into good hands. We are particularly happy about that, because Tina is still available to us if we have any questions or problems. We never feel annoying or as its the wrong time to contact her. She is always there if we need her in any way. This is important for new Catahoula owners and one of the reasons why we chose Tina as our breeder.