Our 11 shooters – born on February 9th, 2018. “11 powerful and bright projectiles”.

The parents of this elf are Spitfire and Lennox. This time the birth was not without complications. The first-born puppy “Ruger” got stuck in the pool & cost us a good 15 minutes of sweat and nerves until he was born safe. The other 10 were then born within the next 4.5 hours, the rest of the birth then went without complications, thank God.
Spitfire is still and definitely a helicopter mother – and our whole social association helped raise the puppies. We are very happy that they have all found such good homes all over Europe.



  • Ruger – still called Ruger, lives with his new family and two other dogs in beautiful Thuringia, Ruger is allowed to pursue his calling as a hunting dog and, together with his sister, will support the Thuringian districts in hunting wild boar.


  • Crosman – still called Crosman, lives with his family in beautiful Lower Saxony. Crosman will be allowed to spend his life as a riding companion dog & hunting dog. He is very lucky that he ended up in a dog-crazy household with loads of other two- and four-legged friends.


  • Remington – now called Flow, lives with Fleur, Felix and two other Catahoulas near Amsterdam. He is professionally trained as a mantrailer who will later also support the Dutch authorities in action. Furthermore, Flow will take part in Strongdog & Co together with Fleur.


  • Fenix – still called Fenix, lives with Lisa, Jan & their brackenmeute in beautiful Thuringia. She is lucky enough to spend a life hunting with her brother Ruger. We are very happy that these two (and several other siblings) have found their calling in the life of hunting dogs.


  • Melara – now called Summer, lives with Simone and her family in Central Germany. Summer is being trained to be a search dog for explosives and ammunition, and will find her future sphere of activity at Frankfurt & Cologne / Hahn airports.


  • Morini – now called Stina, lives with Anke, her wife and 4 other dogs near Munich. Stina will follow in the footsteps of her two big “draw brothers” Indigo and Aquim and work as a rescue dog.


  • Colt – still called Colt, lives with Michael, his wife, two children and other four-legged friends in beautiful Thuringia. Colt, like his siblings Ruger & Fenix, will have a full life hunting wild boar.


  • Minox – still called Minox, lives in Oslo with her two-legged friend Therese. Minox is fortunate to have landed with a vet who is allowed to accompany her every day when she works with the horses. In her free time, Minox will explore the nature around Oslo and be out and about with the other four-legged friends in the family.


  • Tikka – still called Tikka, lives with Marta, her family and Catahoula male rodeo in Latvia. Tikka will have many occupations – and accompany her mistress Marta to work every day. If all goes well, Tikka will later help maintain the Catahoula lines.


  • Sako – now called Ella, lives with Sandra, her husband Maik & Catahoula male Lennox in Rhineland-Palatinate. Ella is professionally trained in mantrailing and, if all goes well, will accompany her owner to the police as a mantrailer.


  • Browning – now called El Jefe, lives with Hanna, her husband and two other hunting dogs in Finland. El Chefe will spend a lot of time in the Finnish nature and accompany his people on extended hunting trips.


We are very happy that all of our 11 shooters have had such beautiful and loving homes. We look forward to seeing your further development & are grateful for the good relationship with all owners.