The versatile Catahoula



The Catahoula has been bred as a working dog for decades. In North America, hunting / treeing and farm work is one of his main duties.


These dogs have an innate “cow sense”, very good for working with cattle. You can protect, guard, and hunt anything. From a squirrel to a wild boar. There aren’t many other dog breeds that are capable of both – a herd cattle dog and a hound dog. The ability to be both is without question the most outstanding quality of these dogs.


Apart from that, Catahoula Leopard Dogs are also trained in rescue dog teams and as handicapped service dogs, although there are certainly dog breeds that are much better suited for the tasks of handicapped service dogs.


A characteristic of this breed is to react very quickly and directly to any stimuli in your environment while you are working or hunting. It is very difficult to divert or stop this innate instinct. These dogs are independent, have a strong hunting instinct, are physically strong and often stubborn. It is the responsibility of the respective owner to control these characteristics in a “civilized” environment such as a city (where a dog has to follow in order not to cause problems) and to steer them in the right direction. It would not be fair to assume that the dog simply adapts its personality to the environment in which it lives, and thus makes it easier for its owner. That won’t happen to a Catahoula.


Meanwhile, Catahoulas are represented in almost every dog sport, from agility to dog dancing. A Catahoula would certainly prefer to follow a trail or to make the woods unsafe with its owner.


The “personality” of a Catahoula Leopard Dog. Here they surpass themselves … they are loving, extremely intelligent and protect their families with devotion. Catahoulas also have a reputation for being “clowns”, they are quick to join every game that their owner initiates. If it is possible for a dog to have a sense of humor, then it is certainly peculiar to that breed. Be warned – never teach a Catahoula something that you don’t want to live with later … because this breed has a very good memory!


A Catahoula Leopard Dog is not a dog for everyone. If you want to keep a Catahoula “only” as a family dog, you should always be aware of the background of this breed. They are working dogs, because of which they have an incredible amount of energy, which in turn makes them very demanding and lively companions who also need a lot of exercise and activity. If you are denied this attention, you can and will get bored easily and quickly. It is not uncommon for your own home or other dogs and people to serve for the pent-up frustration (fault of the owner, not the dog). Long and extensive tours of discovery, a lot of preoccupation with people and, if possible, a “task” will keep the body and mind of a Catahoula healthy.


Also because a Catahoula was bred to be a working dog, he is naturally strong and assertive. You have to exude a lot of self-confidence to always be in control of your dog in the human-dog relationship. Dealing with a Catahoula has to be fair, consistent and constant. If you manage to pull this off, it will be a pack leadership to which a Catahoula submits. Patience and perseverance during the first years of a Catahoula’s development are a prerequisite. If the person has taken responsibility, he will be rewarded with a balanced and loyal dog.

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